Burial Policies


Family Information

Lots in the Cemetery have not been for sale for many decades.  Burials are rare, and only conducted when a surviving member of a long-established family plot dies. If your loved one has died and had intended to be buried with family members at the Cemetery, please be aware of the burial policies and procedures of the Oak Cliff Cemetery Association:

  1. Immediately provide the Association with:
    • The decedent’s full legal name, date and place of birth, date and place of death
    • Survivor contact information (name, address, telephone number and email)
    • Expected date of burial and the anticipated funeral home that will be making the arrangements. The Association has established a relationship with Hughes Funeral Home, which can be reached at 214 946-5133.
    • Written documentation proving ownership of a plot (preferably a deed) or other records indicating a strong probability that a plot is owned and available Final determination of plot ownership and availability will be determined by the Association.
  2. Contact a local licensed funeral home. The funeral home must contact the Association for permission to proceed with the burial. Specific guidelines concerning the burial will be sent to the funeral home.
  3. No burial shall be permitted without an outer container such as a concrete grave liner or vault.
  4. The Association permits the placement of the cremated remains of two individuals in one plot. Any other arrangements for cremated remains must be submitted for approval to the Association.
  5. Information regarding the intent to place a gravestone or other marker must be provided to the Association including who will be placing the stone and the approximate date the placement will occur.
  6. The Oak Cliff Cemetery is an historical cemetery and is not responsible for the care and maintenance of plots including gravestones or other markers. All perpetual care for the plot rests solely with the family/survivors.
  7. Once final burial arrangements have been made, either you or the funeral home shall contact the Association and provide the correct information.
  8. Recommended Contribution to the Cemetery: $500.

Funeral Home Information

  1. Any funeral home who has been asked to perform a burial at the Cemetery must submit its licensing and insurance information to the Oak Cliff Cemetery Association before proceeding further.
  2. No burial shall be conducted without first ascertaining the availability of the plot in question. This must be done by probing the plot and marking the area.  If necessary, a sensor may be required to confirm the availability of a plot. Final approval of the plot location must be obtained from the Association before the burial proceeds.
  3. No burial shall be made without an outer container such as a concrete grave liner or vault.
  4. All burial plans, including dates and times for grave digging, grave side services, and placement of gravestone/marker shall be submitted to the Association for review and approval.
  5. Any person or parties that are subcontracted for services such as grave digging must be properly licensed (if applicable) and insured. This information shall be submitted to the Association if requested.